Beyond the Gate brings immersive reality into the educational and cultural fields. Our first project - Beyond the Castle – was held at Milan’s Sforza Castle, where, through the magic of virtual reality, more than 10,000 visitors stepped into the shoes of a Renaissance-era archer and experienced the Castle not as mere visitors to a cultural landmark – but as protagonists of their own story.

Environment design for 'Beyond the castle'
Since 2020, we have worked with indie games developers and offered support with fundraising, business plan development and go-to-market strategies to help them bring their creations to life.

Our team has several years’ experience in the development of VR and AR technologies targeted towards the culture and education sectors. We have had successful partnerships with clients such as the City of Milan, the Sforza Castle, the Dante Alighieri Society and the Italian National Institute for Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research (INDIRE).

We will work with you to develop your idea step-by-step. We are guided by the principles of design thinking and agile methodology. Our in-house team of designers, developers and artists will look after your project from start to finish. We are fully committed to delivering a result you and your business partners are fully satisfied with.  
Character design concept art for 'Zone Zero'

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